Before we start analyzing the business opportunity offered by Mannatech, it is appropriate to start by highlighting the background information of the company. This company was founded in 1994 by Samuel L. Caster, who is still the head of the company. The company’s headquarters are in Coppell, TX, but the company has since its formation expanded to over 15 countries spread across the entire globe.

The company is in the health and fitness industry and manufactures a long line of products. Like most of the other companies in the industry, it has taken up Multi Level Marketing as the marketing system for all its products.

Mannatech review of its products

The company has so many products that it would take an entire book to review them all in detail. In a nut shell, the company has in its line of products twenty five nutritional products, three topical products, four weight management products, and a range of skin care products that were introduced recently. Their flagship product is Ambrotose.

Ambrotose is a dietary product that has received many praises from its users for its effectiveness. Something worth noting is that in addition to the intensive scientific research that goes before the manufacture of any of the company’s products, they are one of the few companies whose products have been certified by NSF International.

What business opportunity does Mannatech offer?

The company has created a business opportunity for interested individuals through a simple and straight forward Multi Level Marketing system. There seems to be two main income streams that this company makes available. First, you can earn an income by simply selling the company’s products on retail. This would give you immediate income and is quite simple if you put the efforts.

Second, you can earn a decent income by bringing into the company new distributors, who like in any other network marketing system, will be placed in your downline. This gives you the chance to build a nice and long term residual income avenue.

The Mannatech compensation plan

Although the earning streams of the company may be mainly categorized into two, it has a very elaborate compensation plan. The company claims that it pays around 44% of its retail revenue as commissions to its members on various levels. The commission is paid as Immediate Personal Production otherwise called retail profits, Accelerated Leverage Bonuses otherwise called recruitment bonuses, or as Long Term Bonuses otherwise called residual income.

There are several types of bonuses that we may not be able to detail in this review. Worth stating here is that the percentage commission that you will earn as an associate of the company will depend on what rank you are.

Mannatech review conclusion

While the company’s business opportunity is simple to understand, its compensation plan can be a little confusing since it is quite lengthy. It would be advisable to first go through and understand the details of it before deciding to venture into the company’s distributorship business. Nevertheless, they have excellent products for the market and have proved to be a stable company for the long period of time they have been in business.

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